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Aug 24

spoiler alert





Urban Intervention of the Day: Jason Eppink and Newmindspace recently collaborated on the installation of “Spoiler Alert” signs beneath train arrival time LED displays at various NYC subway stations.

The Spoiler Alert signs warn waiting riders of this potentially unwanted information – allowing them to avert their eyes so they may preserve their spirit of adventure – while still leaving visible the data for travelers who wish to ruin the surprise for themselves.


This is my favorite thing ever but how did someone even accomplish this? There’s always a cranky person in the MTA booth right on the platform at Bedford. Always there yelling at ppl at 3am for peeing on the platform, but somehow they missed this installation? I THINK MAYBE THE BOOTH PERSON DID THIS!

You just put on an orange vest. Srsly. They (D+D) did many of their installs during the day. Even videotaped them. It’s amazing to watch.