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Sep 14
“Though journalists are taking on new skill sets like programming and multimedia production, more journalists will need to have a grasp on community engagement and developing news “conversationally with readers,” said C.W. Anderson, assistant professor of media culture at City University in New York (CUNY). Sure, many news organizations are hiring full-time community or social media managers to focus on just that, but in the future, it may very well be at the core of the journalism process, integrated into traditional beat work.”

The Future of Social Media in Journalism

I feel bad for anyone wanting to be a journalist. There seems to be a lot of pressure for people who want to report on news to also become technologists, programmers, social media experts, videographers, documentarians, artists, ethicists, and savvy businessmen.

There’s going to be a handful of people who can play all those roles seamlessly, and then 7.8 billion apps and online tools to fake the rest.

I just simply can’t agree that to be on the forefront of journalism and media, you absolutely must tweet and tumble and maintain a strong social media following. It takes a lot of time and energy, and quite frankly, as self-loathing as I know some journalists to be, I know most of them also want a life. Also, if the content is good, people will find it.

Sep 8

Sep 1

Author Neal Stephenson has been credited for inspiring today’s virtual world startups with his novel Snow Crash. Now he’s launching a startup himself: Subutai, where he is co-founder and chairman.

The company, based in Seattle and San Francisco, has developed what it calls the PULP platform for creating digital novels. The core of the experience is still a text novel, but authors can add additional material like background articles, images, music, and video. There are also social features that allow readers to create their own profiles, earn badges for activity on the site or in the application, and interact with other readers.

Writer Neal Stephenson Unveils His Digital Novel The Mongoliad -

The design of the site is so charmingly awful.